Social Media Virtual Assistant

social-media-virtual-assistant-3They are the assistants who work remotely andindependently from their home office, in promoting your brand and company prospects on social media sites 24/7 via internet.

People tweet, update Facebook, post in LinkedIn and browse at all hours of the day and night.

Research reports that Facebook has 802 million daily active users and most of the companies ignore 70% of Facebook questions, Twitter has 304 million monthly active users. It becomes highly important for someone to follow everything and keep it updated, and our assistants do it. They,

  1. Creating clients custom Facebook business page.
  2. Schedule and post daily funny memes inspirational thoughts.
  3. Add new features, images and descriptions.
  4. Interact and Invite with the followers of our page and promptly reply to the comments.

They take care of the marketing tasks and work towards increasing brand recognition, helping in executing strategies.

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